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Feb 27

Invicta Racing’s mission statement

Invincible in Spirit. Our team motto.

To be invincible is to be undefeatable. It is an inability to be downed, and with no stopping towards an objective.

Our spirit encompasses our character, our non-physical being, our soul. It is an aspect of us much deeper than which appears on the surface.

To be Invincible in Spirit is to stay focused, determined and dedicated towards that one goal.

Invicta Racing may be a yellow adrenaline-filled exciting new team to grace the FIA Formula 2 grid, but the team’s journey is one already spanning a dozen years.

That spirit has grown over time, through the successes and the demanding moments. Invicta Racing is a harmonised team with a single aim of accomplishment.

FIA Formula 2 is the perfect place for the team to showcase that spirit, that dedication and hard work. The fast, lively and dramatic racing puts it among the most exhilarating championships within motorsport.

The intensity of the on-track fight, the euphoria, the heartbreak and the journey towards is shared by all of us within the team.

You, our fans, are also a part of that journey. Your passion, your dedication and your adoration is a part of us, our spirit.

Success is our aspiration. That is what we strive to achieve and there is no mental or physical barrier between the team and that triumph.

Together, we are Invincible in Spirit. We are Invicta Racing.